Follow up from Pick Me Up


Well ladies and gents we are back in action following on from our appearance at this year’s Pick Me Up graphic arts festival, and it certainly was a busy couple of weeks! We met, quite literally hundreds, of visitors each day from all walks of life, who all came and had a good look around our cave-like stand (which came with a rather sterling view of the river!).





Plenty of people took up Catherine’s book binding workshop and there was barely a moment when she wasn’t showing someone how to stab-bind a notebook. Despite the somewhat threatening name, we had plenty of adults and children doing it and no major injuries!


We also had lots of people queuing up to have a go on our cleaned up Adana 8×5, showing them the ropes of comping and printing their own bookplates. Surprisingly few rude words this time sadly.



Plus we got a visit from our chums Ruth and Brendan from I Am Acrylic who were exhibiting along with the Unlimited collective. They’ve got a nice little write up on their blog of some of the other things on offer too.

As mentioned previously, we used the opportunity to launch our new line of Flip Top Notebooks and new range of Overprint Cards. For the those of you who weren’t at the event, these are all now available via our Etsy store.



Overprint Card – Hello
Overprint Card – Thank You
Overprint Card – Best Wishes
Overprint Card – Happy Birthday Red & Yellow
Overprint Card – Happy Birthday Blue & Yellow

Flip Top Notebook – To The Woods
Flip Top Notebook – Stop
Flip Top Notebook – Puddles
Flip Top Notebook – Home Sweet Home

We’d like to offer a big thank you to all who came to see us and to the organisers of the event for selecting us in the first place. Next up, we’ve got our annual Summer Cockpit Arts Open Studios in early June.

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