New Products & Special Offers at our Christmas Open Studios 29th Nov – 1st Dec

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متى بيع اسهم شركة اسمنت ام القرى With less than one week to go to our Open Studio event, we are pleased to announce several THRILLING extra details! Firstly, we will be launching our brand new, just-in-time-for-Christmas online Gift Certificates; available in £10, £20, £30 and £50 denominations, they can be purchased directly from us during the event or via our Etsy store anytime. You will receive a printed voucher with a unique code that can be used for any of the items available in our Etsy store.

بيع اسهم وشراء SORT_Gift Certificates All_Med

وأوضحت الخيارات الثنائية Secondly, keeping the just-in-time-for-Christmas theme, we will not only be running the press during the Open Studios event, but we will also be offering a customised Christmas Card service too. We have created a brand new design specifically for this and we will be able to customise it for you on the spot.

متي تداول اسهم عبدالمحسن الحكير SORT_Custom Xmas Card اسهم السعودية اليوم مباشر Additionally, as a special promotion only during the event, anyone who purchases a £20, £30 or £50 Gift Certificate will also receive a free customised Christmas Card!

تقويم الفوركس Finally, if that wasn’t enough, if you can’t make the Open Studios event from the 29th to the 1st, then don’t panic! For we will also be running another mini-event two weeks later on Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th of December along with fellow Cockpit Makers; Beth Gilmour, Ian Scott Kettle and Tamasyn Gambell. This top secret event will also be taking place in the Holborn Cockpit Arts studios, where the four of us will be turning the 2nd floor meeting space into pocket-sized Christmas emporium. We’ll be offering our customised Christmas Card service and the Gift Certificate promotion during this event as well.

منتديات اسهم السعودية Xmas event flyer4

طريقة التداول بالذهب  

Christmas Open Studios 29th Nov – 1st Dec

Events & Competitions, open studios

بيع اسهم في بنك الاعلي 1266513_10153305597395075_1090291398_o

forex öppettider östersund Yes folks, it’s that time again! As always, our Holborn workshop based in Cockpit Arts will be taking part in the annual open studios event, along with 165 other designers, makers and craftspeople. We’ll all be welcoming in the public to see our work-spaces and peruse our wares.

مواقع تداول الذهب So for those of you who may have missed seeing our printing press during London Design Festival or if you met us there and would like to see us in our more natural (turpentine scented) setting; come along!

مقدمة ثنائي يبوك تداول الخيارات 29th November 11am- 9pm
30th Novemeber 11am- 6pm
1st December 11am- 6pm

كسب المال على الانترنت مجانا Cockpit Arts
Holborn Incubator & Head Office
Cockpit Yard
Northington Street

إشارات الخيارات الثنائية صادقة Map to Cockpit Arts Holborn

الخيارات الثنائية إشارة للمحترفين مجانا Open for the weekend, entry is £5 and free for anyone aged under 15.
Your ticket price automatically includes you in a prize draw entry!


A Big Thank You

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And a hearty handshake to everyone who came along to our Letterpress Workshop in Fortnum & Mason as part of the London Design Festival. It was a roaring success with vast crowds of people turning up to see the presses in action and have a go pulling prints, as well as plenty of unsuspecting shoppers drawn in by the sight and sound of a working Cropper Charlton Peerless. There were several days where we had queues of up to twenty people lining up to try their hand on the little Adana 8×5. Our trusty print counter showed that almost 1000 people made a personalised notebook over the week and no one lost their fingers either!

For those of you who couldn’t make it there are some photos of our set-up;

SORT at Fortnum & Mason_L_low SORT at Fortnum & Mason_G_low

SONY DSC SORT at Fortnum & Mason_B_low

SORT at Fortnum & Mason_C_low SORT at Fortnum & Mason_D_low

SORT at Fortnum & Mason_H_low SORT at Fortnum & Mason_J_low

SORT at Fortnum & Mason_F_low SORT at Fortnum & Mason_I_low






We are now firmly ensconced back in our normal, turps-scented, ink-stained studios, and so too is the Peerless. It’s rather strange to be away from printing for such a long stint but fear not; we are back in action and have a number of Thrilling Developments we are working on at the moment.

SORT Letterpress Workshop – Now Open!

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The set-up is done, the printing press is in place and we are ready to go on our London Design Festival event at Fortnum & Mason. We’re actually starting a couple of days early and will be present in-store from the 12th of September all the way through to the 22nd. We are located on the 1st floor of the store by the main staircase.

We’ve finished up all the work on the bespoke range of commissioned products for Fortnum & Mason; they will all be on display in our workshop area and available to purchase, also from the 12th of September onwards. We’ve just had time to take some quick product shots of the range that you can see below.

F&M A5 Notebook Set_low

F&M A5 Notebook Set Detail A_low

F&M Cards_Time for Tea Purple_Detail_lowF&M Cards_Tea Breaks_lowF&M Cards_Honey Bee_Detail_lowF&M Cards_Mad for Tea_lowF&M Cards_Time for Tea Grey_Detail_lowF&M Cards_Busy as a Bee_low

We will be printing some more of the actual bespoke products, in-store on our antique Peerless printing press, so you can see exactly how we manufacture all our stationery items. Additionally, if you’re itching to have a go then we’ll be running a small workshop area where anyone can come up and personalise and print your own notebook to take home on the day.

We’ll be there everyday from 11am – 7pm, so if you like printing, stationery, tea, bees or all of the above, come along to Piccadilly and say hello!

فيديو الخيارات الثنائية SORT Letterpress Workshop

Thursday 12th of September -Sunday 22nd of September

Every day from 11am – 7pm

First Floor Stationery Department,

Fortnum & Mason,

181 Piccadilly ,



Exclusive Products for Fortnum & Mason

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With one week to go, the preparations continue apace for our London Design Festival event. We are currently in a flurry of activity working to get everything ready, not least of which are the commissioned bespoke products that we are producing with Fortnum & Mason. We’ve designed a range of six greetings cards plus a new style A5 double notebook set all to celebrate the history of the store. We’re just putting the finishing touches to them now but here are some work in progress shots from last week:


Test print detail of part of the notebook 2-colour design; gold ink onto Fortnum’s turquoise / eau de nil.


Our press being inked up in a rather fetching, and not frequently seen from us, shade of pink for two of the colourways on the greetings cards. One is pink and grey, the other pink and purple.

All the finished products will be exclusively available through Fortnum & Mason and launched during the event. Additionally we’ll be producing some of them all week, live in store on our press so you can come see how they were made.

Adana Restoration Work

printing equipment

Last post I mentioned we’d been working on giving one of our 8×5” Adanas a decent going-over prior to it being used for our interactive demonstrations as part of the upcoming London Design Festival event. The original paintwork was badly chipped and flaking off in places so we decided to strip it and give it a fresh coat of paint and a shiny new base, as well as a bit of a servicing.






We ended up going with a slightly more ‘firetruck / Routemaster bus’ shade of red than the original colour but we’re happy with the end result seeing as it will be very much on display and enticing the public to have a go.



SORT at the London Design Festival 2013

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SORT Master_Logo

After much planning and tinkering we are proud to announce that we will be taking part in this year’s London Design Festival in conjunction with Fortnum & Mason. Following on from having previously run an open workshop event with Cockpit Arts way back in the mists of time (2009 to be precise), we felt it was high time that we ran another public event to help introduce people to the wonderful, ink-stained world of letterpress. It just so happens that venerable retailer (and SORT stockist) Fortnum & Mason are planning on relaunching their stationery department in September and we are delighted to be able to work with them and celebrate the history of the store at the same time.

The London Design Festival itself runs from the 14th – 22nd of September, plus we may be adding a few extra days before that, which will be confirmed a bit nearer the date. During this time, we will be setting up a recreation of a portion of our studio; hauling one of our antique Victorian presses into the store as well as a multitude of printing paraphernalia. We are also currently designing a collection of bespoke stationery items for Fortnum & Mason that will celebrate their history and their legacy of tea. These exclusive products will be available during the event plus we will be actually printing some of them in store for the duration and running demonstrations to show the public the processes involved in how we manufacture our products. As well as this, we will be offering walk-in interactive demos and free, customisable keepsakes, for those wishing to have a go at some type composing and pulling of prints.

We will be releasing more information and specifics as we approach the launch but if you have any queries then just send us an email.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of what kind of preparations we’ve got underway; we started off by giving one of our demonstration Adanas a good scrub up and a lick of paint*. Here it is disassembled and ready to be stripped:


* we managed to resist our overriding temptation to chrome plate it and have since stuck with a more traditional paint job.

And, for those of you not based in London or may have missed it, we had a nice little preview in last week’s Time Out too!

SORT_Time out aug13

Image courtesy of Ms. Tamasyn Gambell. Repeatedly.


Further Ripping Yarns

Commission Projects

Following on from our last post with the Certificates for Guerilla Books, we’ve just finished the other projects as well. The book inserts below were produced as a way for them to avoid having to have any blurb or promotional material on the limited editions themselves. We designed the inserts with the publisher’s information on the front while there is an excerpt and author biography printed on the reverse. The first three were also coloured to match their respective editions in red, cyan and pink.



The last job was the humble flyer. A slightly different format from the ubiquitous postcard and done in two colour with a nice deboss, they should help to tie in with the look and feel of the handmade books they’re promoting.



All in all, it’s been a great project to work on and it’s always nice to produce a whole series of items right the way from design concept through to finished article.

New Commission Work

Commission Projects

Following on from our summer Open Studios (and a big thank you to everyone who visited our little corner of Clerkenwell), we’ve just completed a couple of nice commission jobs. We’ve always offered a mix of commission services as well as our own range of products and after an extended period of production printing it’s good to be able to switch over to something different.

سوق السعوديه للاسهم Guerilla Books

This is part of a series of interesting projects for Guerilla Books; a fine, independent publisher of curious literature. Their beautiful limited edition books are all designed, printed and bound in the UK, and they contacted us to design and produce various items of ephemera as well. First up was a certificate for those who join their Collectors Club. Here are some shots of the printing process and intense close-up detail:




شلون اعرف اسعار الذهب Bridie Hall

We worked with Bridie when she launched her initial range of handmade, scented candles and now that she’s launching a new scent and new range of sizes we printed up a fresh batch of labels to go with them too:




Open Studios in 1 Week!

Events & Competitions, open studios

It’s that time of year again! Open Studios at Cockpit Arts is here and you’ll be able wholesale mlb jerseys to see us in our natural environment as well as 165 other craftspeople of all varieties. We’ll most likely be running our presses and doing Marrakesh mini-demonstrations de all day as well & as selling our wares so pop on down and say hello. We’re based in wholesale nfl jerseys the Holborn branch Hello on the West Wing and it’ll be Official open on evening of Friday cheap nba jerseys the 7th from 6pm hace – 9pm, Saturday the 8th from 11am – 6pm and Sunday the 9th from 11am – 6pm.

For maps and more wholesale nfl jerseys information check out Cockpit Arts’ home page.