Further Ripping Yarns

Commission Projects

Following on from our last post with the Certificates for Guerilla Books, we’ve just finished the other projects as well. The book inserts below were produced as a way for them to avoid having to have any blurb or promotional material on the limited editions themselves. We designed the inserts with the publisher’s information on the front while there is an excerpt and author biography printed on the reverse. The first three were also coloured to match their respective editions in red, cyan and pink.



The last job was the humble flyer. A slightly different format from the ubiquitous postcard and done in two colour with a nice deboss, they should help to tie in with the look and feel of the handmade books they’re promoting.



All in all, it’s been a great project to work on and it’s always nice to produce a whole series of items right the way from design concept through to finished article.

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